Nutana Curling Club
April 29-30, 2022

MAXIMUM - 64 Teams – 4 groups of 16 Teams. Each team will get to play 4 games.  First 64 paid teams will be accepted.  $60 per person.  There will be 4 groups that you will be able to choose from. On the entry form we ask you to pick your top 2 choices. If you want to be in a group with a bunch of teams you know, enter early to have a spot. Once we receive your entry, we will send you a confirmation email and an invoice to pay online.  You may also pay in person at the club or send an e-transfer. 

  • Appy buffet on Friday from 8pm – 12pm

  • Dinner Saturday between 3rd and 4th games

  • Music/Entertainment Saturday night


Enter as a 2 person team. You can change teams, players etc. within your group at any time.  You can choose the teams you play against.  Standings will not be kept.  Prizes will all be drawn. It is a social event. 2 competitive curlers on 1 team is not encouraged.


The teams of all 4 groups will be posted up on the draw board. The 4 round robin games will be random. All 4 games we have left blank on the draw board to allow teams to arrange those games with whoever you want to play.  You have until half an hour before game time to arrange a game.  If you don’t arrange game then the club will pick someone for you to play. PLEASE ARRANGE THE GAME WITH THE OPPOSING TEAM BEFORE YOU MARK IT DOWN ON THE BOARD.  

We will have a wonderful array of team prizes.  Once all of the final games are finished we will be drawing for all of the team prizes. 


Group A - Fri 7pm - Sat 9am - Sat 2pm -
Sat 5-6pm - Sat 7pm

Group B - Fri 8pm - Sat 10am - Sat 3pm - Sat 6-7pm - Sat 8pm

Group C - Fri 9:30pm - Sat 11:30am - Sat 4:30pm - Sat 7-8pm - Sat 9:30pm

Group D - Fri 10:30pm - Sat 12:30pm - Sat 5:30pm - Sat 8-9pm - Sat 10:30pm

Dinner will be served at the times shown in your group.  Extra dinner tickets are not available at this time. If the event is full we will have 128 curlers which would put us near are maximum capacity.  Each group will have different color dinner tickets which correspond to the time you must eat.  
Dinner Menu
Greek Chicken
Rolled Pork Loin
Lemon Roasted Potatoes
Steamed Peas and Carrots

Pasta Salad

Caesar Salad

Dinner Buns

2 Bite Desserts


Modified STURLING RULES APPLY.  All games 4 ends.  Each team throws 6 rocks per end.  You and your partner team may decide who throws the first 3 stones and who throws the last 3 stones in each end.  NONE OF THE OPPOSITIONS STONES MAY BE REMOVED FROM PLAY EACH END UNTIL THE 6TH STONE OF EACH END. (Same as free guard zone but includes all rocks in the rings as well.)  Sweeping only from the hog line and in.  This event players ARE allowed to go down to the other end to discuss shots we just ask that you keep up the pace.  After 2 end players may go for shots or refill beverages. (ENCOURAGED)

Regular curling scoring will be used.  IF YOU BLANK AN END YOU WILL LOSE HAMMER FOR THE NEXT END. Ties can be left as ties or throw 1 rock each to break a tie.

There will be no scorecards behind the sheets as we are used to.  We don’t really care who wins. 

Saturday evening after dinner we will be having Matt Bender and Ken Pizurny playing in the lounge for us to dance to all night

Thank you again to TCU FINANCIAL for your continued support to the Nutana Curling Club and this event.
If you have any questions please email or call the club 306-3742422. 
To enter the spiel, please click the link below.