Nutana Cash Raffle 2017

Any funds we raise through this raffle, Sask Lotteries will match up to 25%.

Congratulations to Joe Garchinski, our May winner of $1000 cash. Thank you to Nutana member Cole Lucak for selling Joe the winning ticket.


May – Joe Garchinski

April – Elenor Keter

March – Kathy Ziglo

February – Barry Engele

January – Bob Norman

Early Bird Winner of 65″ TV – Kurt Sawatzky

Thank you everyone for participating in our 2017 Nutana Cash Raffle. We, as well as all the other clubs are working very hard with the city and province pleading with them that our curling clubs, as a not for profit entity, should not be paying property taxes as a for profit business would. We pay $50,000 per year which is about a 275% increase over 3 years ago. We are limited by the city in what we can use our building for. Other provinces, as well as other centres in our province, support their curling clubs financially. In Saskatoon, the city does not. So we are left with the challenge of raising all of the funds on our own to maintain our aging buildings and equipment. Our new stones 3 years ago and our new ice plant 2 years ago depleted our $250,000 we had in our reserve. Our next major project is going to be replacing our lights next summer. Any funds we raise through this raffle, Sask Lotteries will match up to 25%.

So we ask everyone to sell at least 1 book of 5 tickets. Please sell as many books as you can though. The deadline to sell tickets will be November 30, 2016. All tickets must be turned in by that day, sold or unsold. So please keep track of them and don’t lose them. The SLGA has very strict rules in regards to these draws as they make the rules on how all of our records must be kept. The first draw will be held On January 31, 2017. There will be one draw per month and all prizes will be cash. If you sell a winning ticket, you will win Nutana Bucks. As well we will be having an early bird draw on October 31, 2016 for the ticket sellers. The more books you sell, the more chances you have to win the Early Bird prize. So get your tickets in early.