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2022-2023 SEASON INFO

2022 – 2023 League Winners - Winners determined by the accumulation of points of all rounds.

Monday Ministerial

League – John Clarke, Dan Hagen, Arnold Kruk, Penny Morisette

Playoffs – Richard Wolensky, Dave Weiseth, Al Scholz, Darin Felstrom

Monday 6:20 pm Mens

A – Bruce Korte, Darrell McKee, Kory Kohuch, Rory Golonowski

B – Brett Kalthoff, Devin Brown, Ryan Brown, Jeff Slade

Monday 8:40 pm Open       

A – No Sweep Till Brooklyn – Chris Yungmann, Darren Horvey, Denille Yungmann,Russel Munkler

Consolation – Sandra Svenkeson, Silke Bray, Erica Deighton-Schultz, Jocelyn Zurevinsky

Tuesday Senior  

A – Ken Archer, Merv Berscheid, Garry Mihalicz, Ray Wignes

B – Randy Warick, Ken Pizurny, Gary Loy, Lyle Tucker

Tuesday 6:20 pm Open       

A – Dustin Phillips, Ron Thomas, Dale Kohlenburg, Ken Richter

B – Jerome Simonson, Ryan Oleyniuk, Luc Goodbrandson, Colin Ylioja

Tuesday 8:40 pm Open

A – Justin Kosar, Brian Taylor, Tyler Stadnyk, Devin Frobb

B – Adam Young, Katie Brickman-Young, Scott Loyns, Cassandra Ash

Wednesday 6:20 pm Ladies

A – Kirstin Meadows, Shelley Meadows, Danielle Blahitka, Tamara Quinten, Rachel  Wong

B – Rebecca Ryde, Leigh Dick, Amanda Torrance, Alana Sedgwick

Wednesday 8:40 pm Open 1st & 2nd Session

A – Shawn Joyce, Devon Joyce, Ryan Joyce, Brendon Joyce

1st Session Consolation – Brendan Halbgewachs, Colin Halbgewachs, Michael Elson, Brett Marcoux

2nd Session Consolation – Jeff Vaagen, Kevin Feader, Tanner Biggs, Brian Skene, Jeff Nordick 

Thursday Senior

A – Ken Archer, Merv Berscheid, Gary Mihalicz, Ken Howland

B – Barney Hjertaas, Jim Hauberg, Dan Bokshowan, Bernie Yuzdepski

Thursday 6:20 pm Open

A – Michael Carss, Nathan Pomedli, Aaron Shutra, Lyndon Holm

B – Chad Anderson, Murray Lewis, Bryan Lundsten, Brian Thompson

Thursday 8:40 pm Open

A – Dave Laycock, Russ Phillips, Mitch Strocen, Alan Chicoine,
Ethan Sawchuk

B – Bruce McDonald, Dan Folk, Rob Dubyk, Dale Hayes

Friday 1:00 pm Ladies

A – Gwen Kaminski, Candy Brown, Norma Friesen, Darlene Danyliw

Consolation – Lee Morrison, Mel Woods, Peggy Hergott, Peggy O-How, Sharon Hewitt

Friday 6:20 pm Open

A – Myrna McIvor, Dion Fogen, Sheila Head, Kristen Bucholz, Dale Janzen

B – Broom for Improvement – Mike Pidperyhorah, Nick Wachniak, Payton Byrnes, Anthony Smith

Prairie Lily League

A – Make Me Yell Harder – Jordan Raymond, Jason Evanochko, Ryan Davidson, Brad Cotter, Samantha Yachiw

B – Choking on the Hammer – Kathryn Larson, Keith Johnson, Ben Schmidt, Travis Larson

C – The Toe Curlers – Keeley Hogg, Treana Tuchscherer, Bobbi Brandon, Jenny Thorpe

Sunday 7:00 pm Open

A – Team Boyer – Wade Boyer, Mark Dietrick, Jason Misfedlt, Ellen Misfeldt, Alex Fornal-Gollop

B – Stavros Stavrou, Julie Loran, Steven Loran, Audrey Kampen

Curling will resume mid September 2023.  We have numerous leagues of all skill levels for everyone. Sign up as an individual or a team!




Email or

Call the Club at (306) 374-2422 for More Details

We will continue to follow the covid guidelines set up by 

Curlsask and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  We will not waiver too far from these guidelines. We will continue the extensive cleaning processes which we adopted last season.



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